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Audition Notices

Alive & Living

by Abigail Field & Jenna Simmonds-Wood
directed by Abigail Field & Jenna Simmonds-Wood


7:45PM Monday, 03 June 2024 in the bar

About the Production:

Archway’s newest directors AND writers, Jenna & Abi, are bringing us something a
little bit different (but very exciting) to the studio this year! An opportunity to get
involved in some meaningful and powerful theatre, tackling hard subjects and raising
awareness for important issues facing many young people today. We would love to
also welcome new faces and encourage all to audition. If cast, you will be asked to
become a member.

Alive or Living? is a short production composed of two 1-act plays – ‘Schrödinger’s
Boys’ written & directed by Abigail Field, and ‘It Takes Time’ written & directed by
Jenna Simmonds-Wood.

Each piece provides a window into the effects of depression and suicide on both the
person directly affected and the people surrounding them and will therefore contain
themes of such.

Playing dates: 8th, 9th and 10th of August 2024 including Saturday matinee 10th of

"Schrödinger's Boys" written & directed by Abigail Field.
Nathan is a struggling 19-year-old who, after a failed suicide attempt, is trying to
maintain the normal relationships with those around him whilst still dealing with
feelings of loneliness and meaninglessness.

"It Takes Time" written & directed by Jenna Simmonds-Wood.
A family’s life comes to a halt when the youngest child Jess takes her own life. Familial
relationships are more important than ever but communication has become too
hard, and everyone is falling apart.


Schrödinger's Boys

  • Nathan - teens-20s
  • Rose - teens-20s, his sister
  • Freddie - late teens-20s, his best mate
  • Martin - late 30s-60s, his father
  • Jen - late 30s-60s, his mother

It Takes Time

  • Jess - mid-late teens
  • Bex - late teens-20s, her sister
  • Ethan - late teens-20s, her brother
  • Cathy - late 30s-60s, her mother
  • Michael - late 30s-60s, her father
Ages are a rough guide.

Terry Pratchett’s ‘Lords and Ladies’

by Terry Pratchett, adapted by Stephen Briggs
directed by Gary Andrews


7:45PM Monday, 03 June 2024 in the bar

About the Production:

The sequel to last year’s ‘Wyrd Sisters’ to be performed in the Studio: Performances 10th to
14th Sept incl. Saturday matinee (6 performances)

This should be loads of fun, if Wyrd Sisters was anything to go by!

Rehearsals start 16th July

For more information contact Gary Andrews.


  • Granny Weatherwax - PRE-CAST from Wyrd Sisters: Dodie Browne
  • Nanny Ogg - PRE-CAST from Wyrd Sisters: Tulin Udul
  • Magrat - PRE-CAST from Wyrd Sisters: Bryony Lock
  • Verence - PRE-CAST from Wyrd Sisters: Mike Fenn
  • Archancellor Ridcully - 60-ish, male, a wizard
    Carter - 60-ish, male, a Rude mechanical
  • Ponder Stibbons - 40+, male, a wizard
    Weaver - 40+, male, a Rude mechanical
  • Shawn Ogg - 20s, male, a guard & Nanny Ogg’s son
  • Jason Ogg - 20s/30s, male, a Rude mechanical & Nanny’s son
  • Baker - any age, male, a Rude mechanical
    Mr Brooks - any age, male
    Elf King - any age, male
  • Elf Queen - 40+, female
  • Young Esme - teens, female
    Millie - teens, female
  • Diamanda - teens, female
    Golfinga - teens, female, an elf
  • Perdita - teens, female
    Elreg - teens, female, an elf
  • Amanita - teens, female
    Moth - teens, female, an elf
  • Muscara - teens, female
    Ludolad - teens, female, an elf
  • Narrator - any age, any gender
  • Carpenter - any age, any gender, a Rude mechanical
    Librarian - any age, any gender, an Orang Utan – physical role
  • Lankin - any age, any gender, an elf
    Tinker - any age, any gender, a Rude mechanical
  • Tailor - any age, any gender, a Rude mechanical
  • Thatcher - any age, any gender, a Rude mechanical
Ages are a rough guide.


by Peter Straughan
directed by Eddie Redfern


7:45PM Monday, 24 June 2024 in the bar

About the Production:

Playing dates: 24th to 28th September and 2nd to 5th October 2024.

Bones is a dark comedy, set in a 1960s porn Cinema, where the receptionist ‘accidentally’ kidnaps Reggie Kray. You can’t get much more bizarre than that!

Two Jewish brothers are at war with each other. Their business is on the verge of bankruptcy, and they owe a shed-load of money to a local gangster. But all of their troubles seem to be over when one of them kidnaps Reggie Kray!

Sharp, uncompromising and witty, Bones is a deliciously dark comedy about family ties, gangland warfare and a man in a dress!

The language is very strong, with violence associated with gangland Britain in the 1960s. I saw this performed in Sunderland and have wanted to direct it ever since.


  • Reg - 40s, 50s, East End Gangster, Londoner
  • Ruben - 20s, 30s, Cinema Usher, not very bright, Geordie
  • Beck - 20s, 30s, Projectionist, small-time shoplifter, Geordie
  • Moon - 20s, 30s, Projectionist, know-all, coward, Geordie
  • Benny - 40s, 50s, Jewish cinema owner, nearly bankrupt, Geordie
Ages are a rough guide.