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Audition Notices

Corpus Delecti

by Robert Comolli
directed by Robert Comolli


7:45PM Monday, 26 February 2024 in the main bar

About the Production:

Playing Dates: Thursday 30th May, Friday 31st May, Sat 1st June 2024

This play is the true account of some of the life of the serial killer John George Haigh who became known as "The Acid Bath Murderer" and is currently an 'exhibit' at Madam Tussauds in London.

We first see Haigh in the condemned cell at Wandsworth Prison 6th August 1949. But then flashback immediately to his home with his strict Plymouth Brethren parents (1930s). His marriage at 25 to Beatrice Hamer. His attempts at various business ventures, some honest, others fraudulent and his descent into crime and eventually murder. John Haigh believed that if someone is murdered but a body is never found then the police cannot charge the suspected perpetrator. The play shows Haigh's association with Barbara Stevens a Crawley woman and her father, Haigh's employer at the Crawley Company of "Hurstlea Products". This play features the murder of 6 people and how Haigh disposed of the bodies by sulphuric acid.

This is not a complete list of characters; these are just the main ones, there will be a total cast of around 35-40 Characters. Numerous small roles with just a few lines e.g. 2-3 receptionists, 3 reporters from newspapers Daily Mirror, a Vicar, a nurse, small crowd scene etc. Therefore, most of the cast will need to play 2-4 roles with some quick costume changes.

We have 30 or so scenes, some are very short, just one or two lines sometimes.

There will be a few GUNSHOTS in the 2nd Act. And an occasional body decomposing in sulphuric Acid. (Just plain water actually).

So, if you're keen, not of a nervous disposition and up for playing up to 5 different parts we'll see you at the audition.

Contact Bob Comolli to find out more about auditioning.

Email: comolli@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile: 07932105424


  • John Haigh - 25-45, male, Nicely spoken Yorkshire accent This part will be quite demanding. On Stage almost all the time, switching clothes, going from scene to scene constantly.
  • Barbara Stevens - 20-40s, female, No accent. Haigh's girlfriend from Crawley.
  • Beatrice Hamer - 19-30s, female, Haigh's wife has a light Yorkshire accent.
  • John Haigh Senior - 50-65, male, John Haigh's Father. Yorkshire accent; a Plymouth Brethren minister.
  • Mrs Haigh - 50s-70s, female, John Haigh's mother. Yorkshire accent.
  • William McSwann - 25-40s, male, employer of John Haigh. A London Businessman.
  • D.I. Mahon - 45-55, male, Detective Inspector, London
  • D.I. Webb - 40s-55, male, Detective Inspector, London
  • W.P.C. Lambourne - 18-30s, female, Woman Police Constable

Di and Viv and Rose

by Amelia Bullmore
directed by Joy Matthews


7:45PM Monday, 04 March 2024 in the bar

About the Production:

Playing dates: June 4th to 7th and June 12th to 15th

Please only attend if you wish to be involved in this production.

Set in the 80s, Di and Viv and Rose is a play about life and friendship and all that implies. Three girls meet on their first day at University. They move into a flat together and we follow their lives through three years at University and beyond.

I think the three girls chosen, will have a wonderful time rehearsing and acting in this heart-warming play. I envy you!

Please contact Joy Matthews for more.


  • Di - 18 to early 40s, female, a sporty business student, bursting with energy
  • Viv - 18 to early 40s, female, an ambitious design student trying to escape her roots
  • Rose - 18 to early 40s, female, a history of art student, lovable and promiscuous

A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare
directed by Gary Andrews


6:00PM Sunday, 10 March 2024 in the bar

About the Production:

Playing Dates: 15 & 16, 22 & 23 and 29 & 30 June. 2:30pm at Wakehurst Place Rehearsals Start: 16th April

I'm very excited to be directing this play in the beautiful grounds of Wakehurst Place this summer.

The play will be set in the late Victorian period for the human world - the fairies will be 'tatty Elizabethan'. Below are the characters with gender and age guidance...

At least one of Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed needs to be a good singer.


  • Theseus - 40+, male, Duke of Athens
  • Egeus - 40+, male, father of Hermia (blended with: Philostrate-Master of the Revels)
  • Lysander - 20s, male, in love with Hermia
  • Demetrius - 20s, male, suitor to Hermia
  • Francis Flute - late teens/20s, male, a bellows-mender (Quince's nephew)
  • Oberon - 30+, male, King of the Fairies
  • Hippolyta - 40+, female, Queen of the Amazons
  • Hermia - late teens/20s, female, daughter of Egeus
  • Helena - late teens/20s, female, in love with Demetrius
  • Titania - 40+, female, Queen of the Fairies
  • Quince - 30+, any gender, an amateur director
  • Bottom - 30+, any gender, a weaver
  • Snout - any age, any gender, a grocer
  • Snug - any age, any gender, a laundress
  • Starveling - any age, any gender, a tailor
  • Robin 'Puck' Goodfellow - any age, any gender, a mischievous sprite (fit)
  • Peaseblossom - any age, any gender, (shares 1 st fairy lines)
  • Cobweb - any age, any gender, (shares 1 st fairy lines)
  • Moth - any age, any gender, (shares 1 st fairy lines)
  • Mustardseed - any age, any gender, (shares 1 st fairy lines)